A fit and healthy life full of energy

Regular exercise and a balanced diet is healthy, it de-stress and it ensures a better night’s rest. Because of that you will feel better en more fit so you’re able to exercise more. You’ll come into a positive spiral where exercise and a good diet are an important thing of your life. You’ll get stronger muscles, a better skin, chances on being overweight are decreasing and joint pain takes off and gets prevented. And there still are a lot of other benefits to name by exercising regulary and having a balanced diet.

Do you want to start a healthy lifestyle or do you want to bring your healthy lifestyle to a next level? You came to the right address, by NellenSports we will give you the right support on lifestyle, nutrition and exercising.

We offer different services like:

  • Athlete Coaching
  • Personal Coaching
  • Personal Training
  • Small Group Training
  • Lifestyle / Vitality-talks
  • Nutrition- and Workout Schedules
  • High Performance Coaching / Workshops by WBFF Pro Evelien Nellen – van Pelt
  • Take a look in our webshop: for Nutrend Supplements
  • FitProgram4U: the 12 weeks program:
  • FitCompany4U: for entrepreneurs