FitProgram4U (8 weeks)

FitProgram4U the 8 weeks inshape program

Are you taking on the challenge with us to achieve in 8 weeks your best and healthiest shape.



Our program is focused to get in just 8 weeks your best and healthiest shape, in a healthy and responsible way. This can be gaining muscle mass/curves or getting low in your fat percentage and develop more lines and muscles. We personalize for every person the program, your wishes and your needs.

Our goal is to give you a good and healthy look in nutrition and shaping your body. Dieting doesn’t have to be boring an unhealthy.


The program has all kinds of variation lists, so everyone can use it. if you are allergic to something, are there some foods you really like to eat, are you vetgetarian or you don’t eat certain foods? That’s all possible, our variation lists are made based on all those things. So that’s perfect! Now your family can join too!

Besides the personalized nutrition schedules, there are workout schedules made of your experience. Are you a starter or advanced? Or can you just workout at home? Everything is possible, you  will get schedules that fit into your daily routine, so this program is not going to be impossible.

The last thing we want is that you are going to stress to achieve your goal. In the program you’ll also find destress exercises. Nothing is as important as getting stress under control. We live in a society that is all about stress. Stress can be good and handy for a short time of period, but with persistant stress it can have negative effects on your body. Long-term stress causes decrease of focus, which lets us make bad choices about food and workouts, and that causes an unhealthy life. No one wants that of course. Most of us want to live a healthy life, feeling happy and be proud of what we have achieved.



In the program we will also give you advice about supplements. Of course this is an advice and you don’t have to do this. We will tell you our preference and why we think that that supplement is the right one for you.

To keep the nutrition schedule clear and organized we made grocery lists. So you can go easy grocery shopping and you’ll always know what you need.

In the program you’ll also find next to all the meal/food preparing tips also an amount of super healthy recipes. You don’t have tob e a masterchef for this, all the recipes are easy to prepare.

Besides the nutrition tips, we also give workout and lifestyle tips. Especially this is important when you start with this program. How do you do this on vacation? Or how am I keeping up with my schedules while I’m at parties or on trips? We can give you some important tips about this.

The 8 weeks program is customized in our customer portal. An online portal where you’ll get your own profile, where you can download your schedules and information. Besides that you can also keep up your progression in there and as kus questions in the chat.



Are you taking on the challenge with us to work in 8 weeks towards your best and healthiest shape?

With just:

    • 6 personalized nutrition schedules
    • 2 different workoutschedule (for multiple days)
    • Cardio tips/schedule
    • Grocerylists
    • Variationlists
    • Progressionraport
    • Supplement advice
    • Tips and tricks training and lifestyle (60 pages)
    • Tips for prepping meals
    • Destress exercises
    • Healthy recipes
    • News letters
    • Online customer portal
    • Welcomes gift (does not apply fort he 8 week SHRED program)

Do you also want to start right away?

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(paying in terms is also possible, e-mail us for the possibility:

04-24-2018 Flore Meijer:

After 10 years of dieting without any results I signed myself up by Nellensports. The start went off easy and I had within 4 weeks results! I lost 7 kg because of the good and professional help that I got, I feel great! (satisfied with the results, more energy and happier than before) I asked for an extension so I could go within no-time back to my diet. And the fun thing about it is, personally I don’t really have the feeling that I’m on a diet, delicious meals and a large variation list, that’s perfect!

  • The service is good and fast
  • Enthusiastic and happy company
  • Professional
  • Result-oriented
  • No diet feeling
  • Just great!

Best regards!