FitProgram4U (12 weeks)

FitProgram4U the 12 weeks in shape program

 Are you taking on the challenge with us? Working toward your best and healthiest shape?

Do you also want to have the body where you can be super proud of?

Then this FitProgram4U is something you would like!

What do you learn in 12 weeks:

  •  How you can become fit, healthy and strong
  • What you can do after the program
  • A healthy basisc lifestyle during, but also ater the program
  • No jojo effect, just a healthy and lasting healthy and good lifestyle.
  • Workout like a real pro
  • If stress becomes to much, what you can do about it.
  • You’ll get all the knowledge about nutrition, training, lifestyle and supplements.

Did this also draw your attention?

Besides our 8 week program we also have a 12 week program,  with an investment of 4 extra weeks you can achieve 50% more in just 12 weeks.  Do you really like to work on it, do you dream big, start then now with our 12 weeks program!

Our program is focused  to work healthy for 12 weeks towards your best and healthiest shape. This can be gaining muscle or develop more curves or getting low in your body fat and show more lines or develop muscles. We personalize the program to your wishes and needs.

Our goal is to give you a beautiful and healthy view on nutrition and shaping your body.  Dieting doesn’t have to be boring and unhealthy.

the program has all kinds of different variation lists, which makes it suitable for everyone. Are you allergic to something, do you really like to eat some particular products, are you vetgetarian or are there some products you don’t eat on purpose? That’s all possible, our variation lists are made for this, so that’s perfect, because of that your whole family can join too!

Besides personalized nutrition schedules there are for your own experience custom schedules. Are you a starter or a advanced athlete? Can you only train at home? Everything is possible, you will receive nutrition schedules who will fit in your daily routine, so this program won’t be impossible.

The last thing we want is that you are stressing about the fact if you are going to achieve your goal. In this program you will also find some ways to destress. Nothing is more important than getting your stress under control. We live in a society that is all about stress. Stress is handy and it can be good for short times of periods, but by persistant stress it has negative effects on your body.  Persistant stress causes a reduced focus, which let’s us take less good choices by working out and nutrition so you will live unhealthy. Nobody wants that of course.  Most of us want to live healthty, feel happy and be happy with what we have achieved.




In the program we will also give you supplement advice. Of course this is an advice and not a requirement.  We give our preferences and explain why we think this is a good supplement.

To  keep the nutrition schedules  as clear as possible we made a grocery list. So you can do your groceries without any struggles and you’ll always know what you need.

In the program you will find besides all the meals/food preparation tips also an amount of super healthy recipes. You don’t have to be a master chef fort his. All the recipes are easy and quick to prepare.

Besides the nutrition tips, we also give tips about workouts and lifestyle. Especially this is important when you start with this. How do you do this on vacation? Or on birthdays or trips? We can give you some good tips about this.

The 12 weeks program is arranged on our customer portal. An online portal where you’ll get your own profile, where you can download all your schedules and information. Besides that you can also keep track of your improvement and ask us questions by chat.


Are you taking on the challenge to achieve your best and healthiest shape in 12 weeks?

With just:

    • 9 personalized nutrition schedules.
    • 3 different workout schedules (for multiple days)
    • Cardio tips/schedule
    • Grocery lists
    • Variation lists
    • Improvement report
    • Supplement advice
    • Tips and tricks workout and lifestyle (around 60 pages)
    • Tips meal preparation
    • Destress exercises
    • Healthy recipes
    • News letters
    • Online customer portal

    Besides that you will get a very nice welcome gift!!!



Would you like to start right away?

Click then here for the 12 weeks program focused on “losing weight” or fort he 12 weeks program focused on “shaping and building mass”.

(paying in terms is also possible, email for the possibility to:


I started the 12 weeks program just for myself.

I lost 20 kilo’s but my fat percentage stayed high.

I followed Kevin and Evelien for a while on social media, and they are definitely my examples so it was pretty obvious that I choose for them.

The program was pleasant and structured very good.

I’d never expect that I could achieve this in such a short time.

I started learning enjoying food made from fresh products.

And with my workouts I like to push myself.

And after this? I’m definitely going through with this, I already set myself a new goal, The Sapcup.

Andrea Fles

Andrea Fles

I’m really happy with the program, it really helped me getting back into the lifestyle, which I lost before. I’d like to stay under you guys’ coaching, soon I’ll request some new schedules and when I’m back in The Netherlands I would like to meet you guys and talk about a long term plan.

Laura Zwart


Laura Zwart

I worked out a couple of years myself but because of injuries I could get the rhythm back. I signed up for Fitprogram4U to get myself back into rhythm. This was an excellent choice. Nutrition schedules have a lot of variaty and are easy to keep up with.  Also when you are planning on going to a party you can easily do this and it will fit into your schedule. Also with workouts it has a good variaty of schedules and a nice amount of exercises per muscle group.

I didn’t really do it to lose weight, but I did lose around 7/8 cm around my waist and 2kg of fat. Thanks Evelien en Kevin voor jullie hulp! And the most important thing is that I enjoy doing it and got structure in my workouts and nutrition.

From now on we continue with the nutrition and workout schedule, but with a small adjustment to more weightlifting. You guys even made cardio fun (I even bought new running shoes.. OMG) hahaha.
I want to thank you guys for all the help and information, goodluck with you guys’ business!


Ilona van Weelden

Ilona van Weelden