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We are Evelien and Kevin, active in sports  and fitness for over 10 years. What started as a hobby grew into our passion and lifestyle. That passion for nutrition and training combined with our passion to help people grew into our own compagny: Nellensports.

Evelien was employed as a financial employee at a bank office and Kevin has been working in the IT secondment in different management posts. We went back to school to become vitality- and lifestyle coaches en now we are certified coaches and personal trainers.




In these busy stressful times we have all taught ourselves habits that help us through the busy days. These habits are not necessarily healthy for us, the majority of people move too little, sleep too little and eat too much. These habits must therefore be changed, not temporarily, but in a way that it becomes a new rhythm and thus a new habit without (too much) effort.

Whether you want to lose the necessary kilograms without having to go to the gym or live with physical discomfort (illness, allergies, ailments), nutrition and exercise is the key! With our guidance and tailor-made nutrition and training schedules, based on years of knowledge and experience in nutrition and sport, we can replace these old habits for new healthy habits for everyone.

We calculate the schedules personally, including your daily routine and special wishes (what you like to eat and do not like), there are so many ways to help you! We want to keep the natural metabolism as high as possible, so that you can reach healthy weight in a healthy way.

Do you still have questions after seeing our website? Mail for more information to: info@nellensports.com or take a look at our webshop.