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We are Evelien and Kevin Nellen. Since 2013 we help people with all kinds of goals within sport and in daily life.

Do you want to become fitter and feel more vital, get your weight down, gain muscle mass better and / or lower fat percentage? No goal is too crazy and we do not shy away from any challenge.

A healthy lifestyle can with any kind of movement, as long as you enjoy what you do, then the rest follows automatically. Nellensports offers professional guidance on the basis of personal made training and personal nutrition schedules.



We are the NUTREND webshop in the Netherlands.

You can find all the Nutrend supplements and necessities in our webshop.

You will also find: Nutrition plans, workout plans, programs and events.

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Personal coaching

Do you also want to get the best out of yourself and guarantee the result you always dream of? Whether you want: to lose weight, get more muscle definition and / or muscle mass, must recover from an injury, or move in a responsible manner with medical limitations, in combination with a personal made dietary/nutrition advice. Do you want to be helped by a professional? Than you can achieve your goal with help of us. Do you want fast results? Start now personal coaching with us!

Athlete coaching

Have you always dreamed of participating in a contest and would you like personal contact? With personal guidance, check ups, posing sessions and face-to-face or Skype moments. Come in our athletes team and be accompanied by the Dutch WBFF Pro couple Evelien and Kevin.

Start today with our personal athlete coaching!


Do you challenge us to work towards your best shape in 8 or 12 weeks?

What do you learn in those 8 to 12 weeks:

  • How you become fit, healthy and strong
  • What you can do after the program
  • A healthy basic lifestyle during and after the program
  • No yo-yo effect, just a lasting good lifestyle
  • If stress becomes too much, what you can do
  • You get all the knowledge about nutrition, training, lifestyle and supplements

Our diet, FitDiet4U, in a handy app!


In the FitDiet4U you can work towards your goal with the well-known flexible dieting method. Behind this method, Nellensports itself is 100%, because we and our customers do this themselves. A method that is fine and can be maintained for everyone. With our years of experience as a professional athlete and nutrition experts, we have already helped thousands of customers to lose weight or to arrive.


  • Your daily requirement is calculated on the basis of your statistics, your activities and your goals, so it always fits your purpose and your body.
  • You can vary and choose your products yourself.


So if you want to lose weight quickly and easily and still have a great appetite, download the app now and try it 7 days for free with the code NELLEN!